Building Childrens Future


Welcome to My Home Kathmandu

"My Home" is an orphanage, founded by the group of child leverage exness right activists, social workers, personalities of different walks of life and the local community. It was founded in 2006 with the intention to support the economically, socially, physically, emotionally affected children of Nepal. The main purpose of our institution is provide the care and support during the fragile and difficult phase of the children. Protect them from bein enslaved within the urban houses and also from being trafficked to dangerous areas. We work for children who need proper care, help them to develop their early childhood, provide education, sanitation, healthcare, emotional and physical upbringing in a good environment. We heve trained house mothers with perfect sense of motherhood, the house which is environmentally a perfect house. We are providing the best education and care."My Home" is not only focusing on residential care, but also provide the skill training and provide the placement for the grown up children and help to reintegration opportunities.

We would like to welcome to all our like minded friends, families, individuals, institutions and donner agencies to participate for the best cause, to help bring change in the life of so many needy children of Nepal. You can provide support by providing scholarship, donating to our organization, volunteering, raising voices for the right of our innocent children.

we would like to express our exness login sincere gratitude to our participants, helpers, donners, sponsors, who helped us to walk this beautiful journey along with our precious children.

Thank You very much