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Average-price-lawn-care-service, lawn care prices. when you’re looking to hire a person or a company to mow your lawn, size and location matter a lot. ryan farley, co-founder and chief operating officer of austin, texas-based lawnstarter, says the main factor in how much you’ll be charged for lawn-mowing services is size.. Caring for your lawn is a big job, and hiring professionals seems expensive but, it gives you more free time to enjoy your backyard and family time. see our cost guide to find out more on lawn care service prices., ballpark estimate: $100 to $200 per month for lawn maintenance; $400 to $600 per year for seasonal treatments everyone wants a lush green lawn, but if you don’t have what it takes to keep yours up to par on your own, you might want to hire a lawn maintenance company to handle the job. the need are […].

Lawn care cost guide. the aesthetical beauty of homes as well as backyard garden has always been popular in the us neighborhoods. while everyone likes how the weeded garden and a perfect lawn look like, most homeowners don’t have time for putting everything in order on their own., when starting a lawn care business, one of the first things you need to do is establish your pricing. how you price jobs will affect everything from the clients you get to how profitable your business is, so it’s essential to start off on the right foot..

Lawn care prices. a reasonable price for lawn care is $40-$50 per week, or $150-$200 per the hour, this works out to $20-$25 per hour, or $40-$50 for half acre lawns.; most landscapers will include basic lawn maintenance such as lawn mowing and edging., lawn care generally costs between $100 and $500, though price can range significantly based on the frequency, type and number of services that you need.monthly services like lawn mowing range from $100 to $200, while other services, like lawn restoration or replacement, can cost more than $2,000.. show more cost info show less cost info.

Average cost to maintain and mow the lawn is about $45 (per visit for biweekly mowing of a 3,000 - 8,000-square-foot lawn with maintenance). find here detailed information about lawn maintenance and mowing costs., homeadvisor's lawn mowing cost calculator gives lawn mowing prices and average costs for landscaping maintenace per acre, hour, service, montly or square foot. find the going rate to hire someone to cut your grass, weed, fertilize and more..

The average cost for a lawn mowing professional is $40. to hire a lawn mowing professional to mow your lawn, you are likely to spend between $30 and $40 total. the price of a lawn mowing professional can vary depending on your area.