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Condo-association-dryer-vent-cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and inspection for condo associations. if you live in a condo community where many common items are arranged by your condo association then cleaning of the dryer vents would most likely fall into this category.. Dryer vent cleaning are responsibilities of each individual contract between condo owners and condominium associations. in most cases the condominium association is responsible for the shared part of the condominium and the condo owners are responsible for their condo units. there is not one answer to the question. if every condo unit has ..., condo associations - venttec duct cleaning and aeroseal duct sealing - remove dust and dirt from your ducts. seal them with aeroseal to improve efficiency..

Cleaning dryer vents at the grosvenor house in rockville, md., most nj communities are mandating that homeowners have their dryer vent cleaned every 2 years. this is a great practice that if everyone complies can greatly reduce the risk of fire.. Don't know if you know this, but i have lived in my condo for 4 years and had no clue. the condo association cleans your dryer vents. so they came and cleaned mine. can you say, "fire hazard"? i can. my google-eyed dust bunnies were angry with me for letting them develop... into teenagers. i tell…, i'm on the board of a 72 unit condo in florida. i am concerned about fire safety and want to require all unit owners to have their dryer vent ducts cleaned at least every two years..

Having looked through the old postings, i'm not seeing what i'm looking for. our condo docs have a maintenance schedule that details who pays for what in terms of maintenance, but it's a little vague in this area. a dryer vent is a limited common element, lint king accredited business bbb. dryer vent cleaning experts 874-4805 www.the(intking.com service for three or more vents 25s off dryer vent cleaning.

Does the board of a condo association have the power to begin a mandatory program for dryer vent cleaning? the board took it upon themselves to implement this without any discussion with the owners....