Building Childrens Future


How to help


My Home is Non-Profit social organization registered in the district administration center of Kathmandu. The promising team of different walks of life including some dedicated children right activists are supporting the children home project. It is really a matter of pride to be part of such a dignified work and cause for all of us. 

This Non-profit is not supported by the government of Nepal so that entire project is supported by the individual and institutional doners. We well come every kind of help provided by you. How to help is always a question so that we would like to provide you some guidelines and topics in which you can choose and make your contribution.


01. Providing full sponsorship to the children.

Full sponsorship is to provide the particular children, you can choose the child for help or unanimous one child of My Home. for the full sponsorship to the children we require to communicate with us, write us with your interest to sponsor the child, we provide you the photo, full information we acquire of the child and time to time follow up report of the children. The time to time follow up report consist of the updated photo of child, any development of the My Home, if we organize any program of My Home, the educational report of the children etc. The sponsorship program unite you with the big family of My Home particularly. The cost for the full sponsorship is USD 50$/child/month or 40 euros/child/month. The total sponsorship fee is USD 600/child/annually or 480 euros/child/annually.  This amount covers the education, health, living expenses, school materials, and all the necessary stuffs of the child living in My Home center. You may do the monthly transfer or semester transfer or annual transfer. Lets join the hand and lets unite for the better future of the destitude children of Nepal. you can sponsor a single child, group of children or total children of My Home accordingly.

02. Providing educational sponsorship.

In this sponsorship, includes the monthly fee of the school, admission fee, school books, school materials like pencil, pen, notebooks etc, school uniforms, transport etc. The cost of this educational sponsorship is USD 30$/child/mohth or 25 euros/child/month. The total expenses for the educational sponsorship annually is USD 360/child/ annually or 275 euros/ child/annually. We are providing the best education for the children of My Home, which you can follow up from the school result. All the children are sent to the private boarding school, home tution teacher and participate in curricular or extracurricullar activities. Our goal is to create a great team of students in Nepal and provide them the best opportunity in the future. you can sponsor a child or group of children or total children accordingly.

03. Providing school lunch to children.

In this sponsorship, includes the monthly expenses of the children lunch in the school, we have to buy the cookies, or any other alternative food for the lunch or also we can contract to the school for lunch. we have 24 children going to school and each children need minimum USD 10$/month/child. This includes the sufficient lunch for the children in the school. We provide the good breakfast in the Home at 08:30 AM and send them to the school, they have lunch in the school and by 16:00 hours they come back to Home and they have again another good snack before the dinner at 19:00 PM. If any of you are interested to provide the monthly or annual lunch expenses of the children of My Home, we would be grateful with you. If you are providing the annual lunch expenses to the children of My Home, we just calculate 9 months and the total annual expenses will be USD 2160$/ annually or 1661 euros/annually for all the children of My Home. you can sponsor a single child or group of chilren or total children accordingly.

04. Providing school materials to children.

This is the sponsorship to provide the annual expenses of the school materials for the children of My Home. The annual expenses for the school materials is USD 60/child or 50 euros/child annually. so the total amount of the help for the annual expenses is USD 720/ annually or 600 euros/annually. This provides the school books, pen, notebooks, painting papers etc. you can sponsor a single child or the group of the children or the total children accordingly.

05. Providing school fees of the children.

This is the sponsorship to provide the annual school fees of the children of My Home. The My Home children are provided the best education possible in Nepal. We want our product the best who can provide their contribution in the future for the development of the country. We are providing them the valued education, the school team is the best selection and the group of the teacher are the best trained. Though the education level is very high, we are offered the best possible school tution fee from the school. The total annual expenses per child in the tuition is USD 200 $/child/ annually or 150 euros/child/annually. This includes the monthly tuition fee, admission fee, computer class, exam fee, etc. Total expenses for 24 children is USD 4800/annually or 3700 euros/annually. you can sponsor a single child or the group of the children or total children accordingly.

06. Contributing for overall My Home.

 This is the sponsorship to provide the overall expenses of My Home for monthly or annually. This sponsorship includes the expenses of Home rent, electricity, telephone, staff salary, school fee, school materials, uniforms, cloths, fooding, healtcare, etc. The annual expenses of My Home is USd 25000$annually or 18200 eurosannually. The annual inflation rate is about 10% in Nepal.

07. Providing food supplies to My Home.

This sponsorship is to provide the food supply to My Home. we are spending aproximately USD 900$/monthly or 690 euros/monthly for the food stuffs. This includes the rice, lentils, vegetables, meat products, eggs, milk, breads, cookies, etcs. You can suppoort by month, by tremester, semester or annyally.

08. Providing medical support.

This sponsor is to provide the medical support to the children of My Home. We are lucky that we are not facing any severe medical treatment till now as we are very much careful on the hygine, clean drinking water, balance diet and good care of the cleanness in the Home and also we provide the health education to children and mothers at home. We are spending aproximately USD1200$/annually or 1000 euros annually. you can sponsor by month, or by tremester, semester or annually.

10. Providing school uniforms.

This sponsor is to provide the school uniforms, school bags, tiffin boxes etc and we are spending USD 1000$/annually or 770 euros/annually.

 What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a program which brings your collaboration to the helpless and needy children of Nepal, is a way to demonstrate your solidarity and kindness for the future development of the those helpless and poor children of Nepal. With your kind contribution, the helpless and poor children of Nepal may get the opportunity to education, healthcare and modest childcare.

Where does the donation go?

your monthly support to the children will go in the official bank account of My Home and with an approval of the Government of Nepal, we use it to the manage the expenses of the children home and to the benefit of the children. The money will support for the education, healtcare, clothing, extra curricular activities, and overall child development program organized by the MyHome foundation.

Where is the NGO registered?

The My Home (NGO) is registered in the Chief district of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and the organization is situated at Dhapasi 9, Bashundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal. The NGO to be recognized by different governmentoffices of Nepal and also need to be registered in social council Nepal, Child welfare Board, and form a committee of minimum 7 members. The project to be formulated, presented to the mentioned government organisms and obtain approval before to be implemented.We are an NGO fully recognized by the government of Nepal, and we have fulfilled all the criteria demanded by the government and the law of Nepal.

How to sponsor?

To sponsor the children of My Home, you nee to fill up the form with personal information, send us via email as soon as possible we will send you the information of your prospective sponsor children along with foto.

Who can sponsor?

Person interested to help the needy, poor and helpless children of Nepal.

What do I get once sponsoring the children?

You have personal satisfaction and from My Home you will receive the followup report or updating information of your sponsor child every frequently. Sponsoring a children of My Home, you are united to the big family of My Home.

Can I communicate with my sponsor child?

Yes, You can communicate by writing a letter, by telephone on fixed time, and whild you visit Nepal may visit My Home and your sponsor.

Can I invite my sponsor to My Country?

It is difficult to provide sufficient documents to the embassies to obtain visa for the child but in any case if possible, we will be happy provide this opportunity to visit his/her sponsor family.

How long is the sponsor?

The best sponsorship is till the date of the child independence which is till the age of 18 or till the time he/she may find the work or place to live with her/his own.

What kind of children can I sponsor?

You can sponsor the children living in My Home who is poor, orphan and helpless.

How can I send the money?

You can wire the money in the offficial bank account of My Home which is provided in our contact section.

How much is one spnsor?

90euros (USD 100$) per month is one sponsor and you may wire the sponsor money monthly- tremester, semester or annually