Building Childrens Future



"My Home" currently have 22 children living in the children home and they all are enrolled to the Private Boarding school in its vicinity. Bashundhara Academy is the selected school of the locality and the education provided here is excellent. The children have successfully passed the last exam of 2013 Aprli and they have enrolled in the new educational year 2014/2015. 

This year we have reintegrated some children of My Home to their biological and greater family with the trust that they will have a better future and they will receive more personal care and love from their own family. Their families are better off and also the grown up children are less vulnerable than the smaller so we have decided to replace to grown up children by the minors and more vulnerables.

"My Home" is launching two program side by side as the long run children home is a major project and the second project is the women empowerment program where the single mothers are provided the skill and education and help them to find a job. The first program was organized 2013, where 12 women participated on the House Keeping training program. Out of 12 trained House keepers, 8 of them are provided placement in the different hotels. We would like to continue the women empowerment project in the future too as this provides help indirectly to the children for their education, nutrition and upbringing of the vulnerable children to the dignity.

President of "My Home" Mr. Ramesh Khatiwada, is elected as a National president of the Children Homes Federation of Nepal, and currently he is honored by appreciation letter by B. N Acedamy for the recognization of his valuable work on the society.