Building Childrens Future



My Home" was founded as an NGO in 2003, registered in Chief District Office of Kathmandu by associating the like minded people who had similar interest to provide support to marginalized group of people. .

"My home" Initially started its project as rehabilation center with an intention to assist youth who were affected by the drugs and other mental problems, we continue the project for 3 years and assisted for more than 55 youths, we provided them treatment, conseling, medication, and finally reintegration to family and society. Provided them skill development training and found them work placement.

In 2006, we decided to change the program, we decided to open children home so that we went to the CDO office to get an aproval to run an orphanage. we started small home in Patan area and started to receive children who mainly came from the urban poor communities. we had one 1200 sqft apartment and had only 10 children in the orphanage.

in 2007, we shifted from 1200 sqft apartment to a house where we had entire building, with minimum standard of middle class family house. we had enough space so that we welcomed around 32 children, was big family.

In 2008-2010 we remain in the same house at patan area, all children were sent to school. some of the children were reintegrated to their biological families and some children were provided placement under the government rule of family fist program.

in 2010, we decided to move from Patan area to the north of kathmandu city with the spacious house as the government demanded to fulfil the guidelines provided by the ministry of women children and social welfare and central child welfare board so that we found the house that we have a comfortable residence.


"My Home", have assisted for more than 200 children in a decade, it has provided opportunity for many single mother  & children to get training and education so that their life has changed from poverty to skill workers with their earning with dignity.

We have provided our help to some of the school located in the rural areas of Nepal, we send them school materials and provide scholarship to the genuine students. Also we supported to the needy families living in the suburbs of Kathmandu and other cities areas as well as we are supporting to some of homeless families living in Kathmandu valley.

In 2010, My Home started the cleaning campaign associating with the local people and B. N. Academy, this brought awareness to many people and helped to clean the area. Also, we are regularly participating in different social activities organized by other social organizations.

In 2009, President of "My Home" was elected as General secretary of Children Homes Federation of Nepal. The election provided more oportunity to further campaign our mission in the national level. In 2011, President of My Home was elected as a President of Children Home Federation of Nepal and he continues till today.

In 2012, our children home participate in the celebration of National children day. The function took place in the Office of the President of Nepal and "My Home" was provided an opportunity to participate actively in the program where our children could interract and taek picture with Honarary president of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav.

"My Home" is primarily focused on the education of the children, our mission is to see the happyness and sense of security in the eyes and in the mind of children. We have provided them all the facilities needed for the holistic growth of the childhood and provided the best possible education. Everyday, teacher comes to our home to teach extra hours to children, in the school they learn english, mathmatics, IT, dances, sports, drawing.

"My Home' children have participated in inter- school quiz contest, dance competition, drawing competition & many other sport competition and received medals, honors and certificates.