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Swiffer-wet-jet-handle-broke, how to repair a broken swiffer handle. fix wetjet handle. fix swiffer handle. replace swiffer handle. replace broken swiffer handle. repair wetjet handle. this video shows you how you can easily .... Any suggestions to repair it well? anyone else have this issue? duct tape and popsicle sticks don't fix everything. this seems a common problem when switching from a mop, to push into handle to work on a stubborn spot.it broke during first use within a few moments of use., this is a cheap and easy way to fix your broken handle on your swiffer. or it can reinforce your handle that isn't broken..

We use the swiffer wet jet in our house. a lot. like, two crazy dogs and two messy kids “a lot”. they’re great, convenient tools, but the design of the handle leaves a lot to be desired. for example, you should be able to use it for more than a few weeks without snapping the handle in half. call me crazy, but i think that should be a main focus of their product design. unfortunately ..., the swiffer wetjet is a mop system with a two-nozzle sprayer, a cleaning pad and a scrub strip. the sprayer connects to a reservoir filled with cleaning solution. if problems occur with the spray system or the cleaning solution tank, you can troubleshoot to attempt to resolve the issue..

Learn how to use swiffer wetjet to quickly and easily clean your hardwood floors and finished surfaces. swiffer wetjet is easy to use and assemble so you can leave the mop and bucket behind. for ...