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Tretford-carpet-melbourne, a unique, artisanal product built on expertise. step into a world of quality, vibrancy and distinction with tretford natural cord fiber commercial carpets. we have been producing tretford carpets in waterford, ireland for over 40 years.. Rugs | o' hagan design, dublin. garrett o’hagan has been long associated with bringing modern international furniture to ireland. tretford developed a custom rug for his offices at fashion city, ballymount rd upper, sandyford, dublin. bena design partnership. acousticord was used extensively in the 5,000 sf gallery space, which functions as a cross between an art gallery and a product ..., tretford teppich mit kaschmir-ziegenhaar ist ein zeitloser boden für menschen, die nachwachsende materialien, schöne farben, komfort und qualität schätzen..

Tretford rugs are custom designed from your concept or ours and can be scaled to meet your requirements. the gibbon group design team can assist you with the whole process from start to finish. read more. office, education, multi-residential & retail. our carpet solutions. projects. bringing you flooring products of quality that have a point of difference. latest from our blog. we’re ..., what we do. we have been producing tretford ® carpets in waterford, ireland for 50 years now, and we're very proud that our carpets adorn some of the most prestigious buildings and businesses in the world. our natural fiber carpets are made with the highest grade cashmere goat hair and available in 48 vibrant colors..

Nov 11, 2019 - tretford fibre is derived from mongolian goats, sustainably combed from the goat by nomadic farmers, hand washed to retain natural oils, dyed on unbleached fibres, sorted into a wide range of colour blends, and finally manufactured into carpet roll and tile in ireland and germany. in australia there are 61 colour blends from 4 undyed natural heathered tones, to a palette of ..., tretford roll cord carpet (2 metre wide) creates exceptionally clean, elegant lines because of its unique construction using goat hair. tretford’s natural properties actively reduces airborne dust and allergens, promotes energy saving, and facilitates excellent indoor acoustics. tretford roll has a stunning 61 colour palette with exceptional soil hiding properties..

Tretford tile corded carpet uses naturally renewable mongolian ‘cashmere’ goat hair and is designed to be quarter-turned to create an even structured look.. tretford tile will enhance the design and décor of your property with its unique construction. global greentag certified, tretford has a stunning palette of 47 timeless tile colours., cord carpets – tretford carpet roll. product by gibbon group. request information request call back. website call share. tretford is a flooring finish unlike anything else, an artisan flooring product sculpted using a revolutionary process uniquely engineered by craftspeople. the result is a dimensionally stable soft flooring finish that only enhances intelligent design, rather than ....

Architectural commercial high-performance carpet design for office, multi-level residential, education, retail, and hospitality spaces.