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Using-quikrete-vinyl-concrete-patcher, this video provides product features for quikrete® vinyl concrete patcher, a multi-purpose concrete repair material with strong adhesive properties. vinyl concrete patcher (no. 1133) is designed .... This video shows you how to make thin repairs to or patch damaged concrete, using quikrete® concrete patching compound. with proper attention to surface prep..., making thin repairs to damaged concrete. with proper attention to surface preparation and material selection, durable repairs can be made to worn, scaling or cracked surfaces, extending the life of the concrete. project instructions shopping list. project instructions. when working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves. quikrete vinyl concrete patcher or ....

Get the quikrete 10 lb. concrete patch 113311, it has strong adhesive properties and is ideal for making smooth repairs to cracked or chipped concrete floors, sidewalks or steps at the home depot, concrete repai | quikreteВ®quikreteВ® concrete repair (no. dries quickly to a tough and flexible finish. caulk sealant material: acrylic; product type: mortar repair; color: gray; container size: 10.1 oz. indoor and outdoor: outdoor; adheres to brick, block, stone and concrete surfaces.. Quikrete to concrete book 3 no concrete fence post install! i decided to use expanding foam instead of concrete to install a new fence in my backyard., i was planning on using quikrete vinyl concrete patcher for the 1 inch layers, but the directions imply you should limit each layer to 1/4". the initial patch was done after power spraying and using quikrete vinyl concrete patcher..

Patching & repairing concrete. construction how-to, masonry/stone, repairs, stone and concrete november 14, 2010 sonia. by monte burch first-aid for concrete construction. concrete is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. very durable, it can also be aesthetically pleasing. concrete is also often a major building material in and around homes. over time, however, concrete can deteriorate ..., i have recently been using quikrete vinyl concrete patcher (contains portland cement, fine sand and vinyl resin) to make good looking leaf castings (gunnera and pumpkin). it comes in 20-lb bucket for $8.78 (i purchased @ lowe’s). just add water per instructions on label. much easier than separately purchasing and mixing cement, sand, etc..

Jul 1, 2014 - fantastic oak hydrangea leaf made with vinyl concrete. detailed directions here! she covers an elephant ear in quikreat and you won't believe the reason why! how easy is this? i have been making concrete leaves for many years